HOVEY DESIGN Hits the Road | Five Hours in Milan

On the tail end of our Venetian adventures, Porter had to board a plane back to Paris at the crack of dawn, so I got the first train back to Milan and headed straight to the Fondazione Prada (which is just a few stops away from the Central Station on the Metro). From the first moment I heard it was in the works, I'd been chomping at the bit to get to Bar Luce, the foundation's cafe designed to the hilt by Wes Anderson. I arrived as they opened the doors.  

It's actually pretty teeny (looks massive in photos), but every surface is perfect instagram candy and the food and coffee were delish.

Aesthetically, Milan couldn't be more different than Venice, but its industrial facades (in this part of town) provided a sort of sorbet from the opulent, Byzantine and Moorish beauty. 

The Fondazione itself is its own minimalist architectural wonder where miles of grey cement and gilt play beautiful tricks with light.

The Robert Gober/Louise Bourgeois exhibits featured trippy hairy man arm wallpaper.  

The scale of the space is mind boggling.

On the metro ride back, I decided to get off at the Duomo stop to see the Milan Cathedral and walk the rest of the way. That was a mad house to end all mad houses (beyond anything we saw in Venice), but once you're out of the square, it's just serene, sophisticated, urban beauty.  I passed beautiful stores and buildings and restaurants and homes and people and drainage grates and tiles...and cannot wait to go back.

So pretty!!! And that couple - so chic! 

(The floors and walls of the Milano Centrale station are covered in ornate mosaics. What a wonderful way to enter the city). 


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