Starting Fresh

Throughout all these years of sporadic blogging, where I've shown the world my aesthetic obsessions and projects, I was actually spending my days and many of my nights deep inside the business of bowels, cancer, obesity and almost every other nightmare our bodies can throw at us. My colleagues and I and Lazar Partners helped companies around the globe recognize who they needed to talk to - the right thought leaders, the naysayers, the regulators, the insurers, community doctors, the nurses and the patients - and how to talk to them each with impact and empathy. In the best cases, these companies ended up changing medicine, saving lives and making surgery easier for patients and surgeons - while their investors got healthy returns, too. We all joke that our jobs aren't brain surgery - and mine wasn't - but for my client that developed a new minimally invasive technology to treat brain aneurysms that's more like angioplasty than going through the skull, it really was...and that's so damned cool. 

Where many people might hit a point where they say, what IS the point? Why am I not doing something that could really help the world? I got to a point where I said, what am I doing helping the world? It's time to take some of your own medicine and focus on making things...beautiful. So after the years of juggling my very fulfilling and legitimate career in healthcare with decorating and design work and writing Heirloom Modern, Porter and I decided that HOVEY DESIGN needed my full-time focus. So, in May, I made the leap. And nothing has ever been so fun.

We've been going at light speed on new staging and decorating projects inside wildly different spaces: The Williamsburg Waterfront Condo, two floors of a brownstone in Park Slope, a two bedroom at the legendary Dakota (we move everything in on Monday and cannot wait to show you this space!!) and this beautiful little two bedroom in the new boutique condo in East Williamsburg, 629 Grand Street.

The developer did a wonderful job with the layout and the fixtures (it's shocking how bad these can be in new developments...95% of the bathrooms we see in these places will be out of date in three years. This will not. It's simple, clean and classic). We wanted to accentuate that - and the great light and airiness - with the furniture, so we kept things clean and neutral. For two gals known as maximalists, this might be as zen as it gets.

We didn't want the art to distract, so I made a series of simple pen drawings: an Italian dog (spinone), a French car (Citroen) and a Danish chair (Frits Henningsen's wingback)...and one abstraction (two stripes made with painters tape and paint pen).

We added strips of Japanese indigo that we brought back from our trip to Kyoto.

It's no secret, but the silk flowers from CFD in the Flower District are beyond compare - and vital when staging apartments that won't be tended to much besides at the weekly open houses. Here we paired a sprig of berries with a white ranunculus. The olive tree by the window is also a fake.

We're obsessed with Les Indiennes block prints. We get ours from the outlet in Hudson. Otherwise, they cost a first child. 

We cannot wait to show you the Park Slope townhouse and the Dakota! Those will be up next week!


  1. what a joy to see you in my reader.

  2. <3 <3 <3 Citro├źn goddess! Charming as ever, Hollister.

  3. Karena says:

    So good to see your feature and project Hollister. It looks like a wonderful space!
    I did not know about your past involvement, very fascinating.

    The Arts by Karena
    Jackson Pollock