Take the Stage | HOVEY DESIGN Takes on NYC Real Estate

Unless you're house hunting with the likes of Donald Judd, it's a big leap to pop into a stark white cube and say, "Yes! This feels like home! My home!" It's equally daunting to roll into a place that appears to have been inhabited by squirrels and get that "I-MUST-live-here!" feeling. Most people need some of the right context upon which to launch their interior design visions. The right context, if you ask Porter and me, is simple elegance with a touch of whimsy.

 With Porter selling and renting properties across New York with her team at Halstead, we figured it made perfect sense to expand Hovey Design's scope from full traditional interior design (the permanent kind) to staging, where we help sellers create some of that context. We were so fortunate to start with two of the coolest pads we've ever stepped into: Penthouse B (seen here) and the Townhouse at 123 Baxter Street (coming in a separate post). We used a lot of pieces from our own collection and it was so fun to see them in this exponentially more modern setting. I also whipped up a whole crop of paintings and art to fill the walls. 

Update: The space was included in The Wall Street Journal's recent story about Chinatown as a new frontier of real estate action. 

Here's a look a the details! 

If you're in the area (upstate, too!) and considering a sale, let us know! (Porter: phovey@halstead.com and me at hollister.hovey@gmail.com)     


  1. Karena says:

    Oh yes you ladies know just what you are doing! Brava and all the best in this new joint venture!!

    The Arts by Karena