Moving to Acrylics and the Woman with the World's Smallest Hands

I found a spectacular portrait of two decorators in a fantasy home in one of the European shelter mags (will credit post search, which could take years). I painted half of it...and instead of striving for realism, I thought a nice experimentation with Modigliani distortion might be more fun. The hands look like they belong on a toddler, but it's one of my new favorites because it's so damned strange. It now hangs in the hallway of one of our recent staging projects. I cannot wait to have her home! 


  1. Karena says:

    Hollister I love, love this painting. The look is so enticing, it certainly draws me right in!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Gorgeous in every way. If your career isn't already going gangbusters, it will.

  3. brohammas says:

    acrylics?! Welcome to my world.