Wood on the Water | A Peek Inside the Cutts & Case Workshop

Years ago, when visiting our Aunt Rita and Uncle Al in Oxford, Maryland we all went on a post-dinner stroll through town and passed a lifetime's worth of maritime fantasies - big ones - encased in a glass box. Shells in the sky, full vessels on the ground, sails, perched. It was Cutts & Case, one of the few remaining wooden boat builders in the Mid-Atlantic, and it was closed for the night. We felt like humans looking into an aquarium...of beautiful boats.

So, when we were there over the weekend, we went early and with a more adventurous spirit. On our sneak through the boatyard behind the glassed-in museum, we met photographer Fred Stocker (a close friend of Eddie Cutts the owner and son of Edmund Cutts, the founder), who offered to let us inside... 

Here's a glimpse of the workshops with nearly magical light...(the boats, in all their glory are in the next post).