Wood on the Water (Part 2) | Cutts & Case Museum and Shipyard

While these ladies looked like beauties from outside, the up-close view of the Cutts & Case collection blew those distance perceptions away. Many of these grande dames are still works-in-progress like the one above that clearly shows the Cutts Method where a double planked skin is laid over a simple set of molds.

Before he died, Edmond Cutts' dream was to finish this enormous "commuter," the kind of boat wealthy businessmen might have taken from the Hamptons to Wall Street while enjoying a morning cocktail. After talking with Fred Stocker, our sailing, photographing, shipyard guide, we all decided that a Kickstarter campaign to get this baby finished and in the water is in order (more on that to come!). Look at that hull (and the baby boat for size context...and the shots below)! 

Foto belonged to Stanley Rosenfeld, part of what might be the best family of boating and nautical photographers to ever set sail. 

Inside Foto.

Cutts' Commuter, a more accurate scale.

Cutts' Commuter, still in dream form.

Edmund Cutts also loved motorcycles.

This was in one of the ships in the yard. I want to rope all my banisters with an extra spiral (even the gear shifts have it!)

A detail from the shipyard.