Judging Nations by Their Fonts

Perhaps instead of giving us the current respective horrifying/mind-boggling, embarrassing/wild political situations, Russia and France could just turn their energies back to...fonts. Both are so great at fonts, fonts that define their cultures AND actually bring joy to people with eyes all over the world. Pierre Bergé's October 9 Literature auction lets us celebrate those fonts (of course, many of which emerged as a response to other horrifying and mind-boggling political situations, but great-looking, still).

Lot 225 | €600-800 | Litterature Et Avant-Gardes Russes | SCHKLOVSKII Viktor | Moscow, Berlin | Gelikon | 1923

Original edition of these letters to Elsa Triolet.

 Lot 311 | €500-600 | SACHS Maurice | Words (Original notes and sketches)

List of words and definitions related to botany or concerning precious words. This set was offered to the previous owner by the antiquarian Madeleine Castaing, mistress of the painter Soutine, in May, 1975.

Lot 271 | €1500-1800 | Henri Cartier-Bresson | Paris | Verve | 1952.

Considered one of the finest photography books with 370 x 273 mm boards illustrated by Henri Matisse. First edition illustrated by 126 photographs, taken by Pierre Gassman, reproduced in full pages. Blurb Henri Cartier-Bresson . First work done by the photographer Tériade under a cover illustrated by Matisse. Beautiful specimen, despite back very slightly browned.

Lot 95 | CHAVAL | €150-200 | Vive Gutenberg | Paris | Laffont | 1956 | First edition

Lot 18 | Antonin Artaud | €150-200 | Au pays des Tarahumaras (In the land of Tarahumara) | Paris | Fountain, 1945 | First Edition.

No. 240 of 700 copies on vellum. Includes his “Mexican texts” of lectures at the University of Mexico, including some details on the rite of peyote, and letters, including one from 1937 to Jean Paulhan.

Lot 277 | €400-500 | Nus (Naked) | Daniel Masclet | 1933

First edition of this album from the first "International Exhibition of Photographic Nude with images by Man Ray, George Platt Lynes, Moholy-Nagy, Pierre Boucher, Frantisek Drtikol and Laure Albin-Guillot.

Lot 226 | €400-500 | Literature And Russian Avant-Guard | Moscow-Berlin | Gelikon | 1922

First Edition with cover illustrated by Pavel Tchelichshev


  1. Unknown says:

    I seem to be drawn over and over to the Soviet/Russia graphics. And I'm with you, there's something about cool fonts that makes me swoon! Thanks for sharing.