Das Wiener Whirlwind Pt. 3 | The "That Poor Gardener" Series + Some Art

At the Schönbrunn Palace grounds - and even the Palmenhaus - things aren't always perfect. See the downright punk bush second from the left (someone's in trouble). 

There are roughly 1,345,456 canopies and meticulously trimmed paths to walk under and through in this town. Of them all, this was the most severe, literally like green razors slicing the sky (and we saw the sharpening happen).

A shocking lack of Hapsburgian symmetry occurred on the lawn. Someone must've left their ball bushes out.

This modest structure sits atop a massive hill that overlooks the entire city, the palace and the main gardens.

The view of the palace from a top the hill.

A few of the paintings at the wonderful MuMOK seemed perfectly placed amidst the nature. Richard Gerstl | Familie Schönberg | 1907

Across the Danube canal in the second, more residential ward sits Augarten, home to the Vienna Boys Choir, the Augarten Porcelain Factory (seen past the trees), and a series of ominous wrong-side-of-WWII flak tours.

Of all the opulent architecture in Vienna, the porcelain factory was my favorite. 

The hollyhocks were remarkable.

Paul Delvaux | L'école des savants | 1958

One of the flak towers overlooking happy, playing children and cyclists.

Otto Mueller | Mädchen im Wald (Girl in the Wood) | 1920

The Volksgarten