48 Hours in Vienna (A Pared Down Version of My Actually Totally Unrealistic Plan - Day 1)

After a few hops to Europe in college and my early 20s, I made a pact with myself that I would never apply any pressure to see more than a single museum and do one touristy thing in each locale. I spend my hours of Brooklyn freedom sipping wine in cafes with friends and scrounging through flea markets and wonderful little shops. So, when I travel, I shall do just that, only in completely new flea markets, cafes and shops, I swore to myself. It's worked perfectly for a decade and a half. 

Until now, when I've become a Type A planning monster. My friend Maggie and I head to Vienna for what is actually about 48 months' worth of activities that we'll have to pack into 48 hours if you are to believe my map (has roughly 100 entries). We'll get to about 1/10th of that, but to help calm the old brain, here's a pared down version of some some of the must-do highlights featuring images borrowed from all across the internet: 

Arrive early Saturday and drop off bags in the beautiful loft with herringbone floors I've rented in Neubau, Vienna's 7th district. Obtain fuel at the ZÅMM Coffee + Art Collective down the street (more on that here!).

(Kirchengasse 35) From there, head to the weekly flea Naschmarkt flea and pop into Cafe Dreschler for a late lunch. 

(Cafe Dreschler, Linke Wienzeile 22, Wein 1060)

Pop down the road to Joseph Maria Olbrich's 1897 Viennese Art Nouveau architectural masterpiece, the Secession Building, which houses Gustav Klimt's Beethoven Frieze (top photo) and lots of other modern and contemporary art.

(Vienna Secession, Friedrichstraße 12, A-1010 Wien)

Head back down the Gumpendorferstraße to hit the Saint Charles Apotheke (above) and Cosmothcary (below) 

Grab a light dinner and drinks at Finkh (Esterhazygasse 12, 1060)

. . . 

For more shopping tips, check out Shopikon's guides. They're damned good. 

Also...this might even be manageable.