Well Hung | A Virtual Tour Through Scandinavia's Museums

This Nordic gallery tour oddly limits the region's palette to the colors of all their flags, which, happen to be perfect and teach us valuable lessons: Never again should a baby blue exist in the absence of crimson or yellow, nor a pink without a dark, cold hue. Perhaps it's because we live without that northern light, but our reds, whites and blues just don't look like this.

Unknown Artist

King Christian X andQueen Alexandrine of Denmark (1915)
Michael Ancher
Skagens Museum

Christen Købke

Erik (Wahlberg) Wahlbergson
The Royal Armoury, Sweden

Carl Hofverberg
The Royal Armoury, Sweden

Christian Krohg

Agda Holst

A Woman’s Arm (Uten år)
Adolph Tidemand
The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Norway