Adventures North

The best summers must be the ones that feel like fall - and we're still having one. New York has been magical, but the escapes were even better. A few weeks back, Porter and I grabbed Victor de Matha, Martyna Gawrych and Andy Neiman and headed north to run wild through drizzly Blithewood Garden... 

...and escape to an old converted general store in Rupert, VT... 

...with one of the world's greatest backyards...

that even has a halfpipe (luckiest kids in the world live here...their dad is the man behind PowderJet Snowboards).

There are loads of covered bridges around town.

And bales of hay in the back.

Dorset is right next door and fancy. Even the trees keep in line there. 

And they have flowers instead of grass, it seems.

Back in Rupert, this was our view out the front at dusk where we sat while...

Porter made the feast. 

On the way home, we headed to Lake George where I drove a boat.

And Port gawked at the spectacular perfection.