Adventures East

On a rare not-just-out-early-but-totally-off-summer Friday, I task mastered and rallied the troops for a 7 a.m. departure east. Our toes were in the South Hampton sand by a sane person's weekend breakfast time and we were eating hot lobster rolls in Amagansett by noon. Porter and Victor ran Montauk's Walking Dunes like characters in a Nicholas Sparks flick, while I put up my hood and pretended to be in a Bergman.

We popped into Jackson Pollock's splatter room...

And had dinner at Ruschmeyer's. We hit the road by 9:00 and we're home by a nice appropriate bedtime without any traffic.


(Lee Krasner's touches at the East Hampton house she and Pollock shared).

Porter enters the studio.

(I really love a great post-apocalyptic plant...and that hoodie).


  1. Unknown says:

    sounds like a heavenly day!