The first few copies of Heirloom Modern have landed at Rizzoli -- and we got one precious copy. It's wild to see it in its 3D glory with those pretty gold letters! It hits shelves the first week of April - and will likely hit mailboxes a little before then if you pre-order (which would be so cool!).

(I must also apologize deeply for my lack of posts since the Ahab Balls. I still need to post photos of JAPAN! Since Port and I got back from Tokyo and Kyoto, I've been to Chicago, San Diego, San Antonio, LA, Kansas City, Palm Beach and San Francisco - and instead of blogging, I've been spending all my time in restaurants and bars (and at work) exalting in how good it feels to be home. But this now will end!).

We were pretty giddy when we first saw it last night.