Masquerading Menagerie | THE PARTY

And, finally, evidence of the party! All told, we had nine Christmas trees, an alligator, four peacocks and the most brilliant herd of animalian masqueraders. Here's Porter and me, all primped and painted.  I wore a Gap t-shirt and Ralph Lauren skirt and belt, while Port donned an Issa halter gown. For details on the entire affair, click here and to see all the photos, click here

For all of us who had so much fun and drank so, so, so much gin, we cannot thank Hendrick's enough for making this happen. We are just too lucky and they're too wonderful and creative and fun. 

The food guard.

Jessika Goranson and Iva R. (and the most brilliant bird glove)

Erik Ratensperger and Julia Taylor Ross

James Gaddy and Brennan

Prof. Miller 

Lizzie Owens

Rob Fuller and Anna Lilja

(All photos by Angela Pham for BFA)