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Friday, September 21, 2012 3 comments

My passive appreciation for Sex and the City ended full stop when Carrie pulled all those tantrums at Aiden's place in Suffern. Girls shouldn't yell at men who build cabins. They should marry them - or at least work out some AirBNB-type exchange situation, especially when Ma Nature ushers in sweater/cuddling-by-the-fire/hot-toddy season over night. To celebrate the glorious chill, I give you a dose of tunes from the woods of Seattle via the wonderful blog, Sound on the Sound. Their Doe Bay Sessions lilt across the ears and almost waft into the nose (with MAJOR notes of ceder, BO and patchouli) in the most lovely way. 

Above is Sera Cahoone.

Black Whales

Portland Cello Project

Hoveys + Anthropologie + Wallpaper!!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 18 comments

It's nearly killed us to keep this a secret, but this fall, everyone will be able to put our favorite objects - on their own walls! Porter photographed our collection and Anthropologie made it into wallpaper.  Stand back and it looks like a diagonal striped print; get up close and you have taxidermy, riding boots, booze in crystal and a bunch of our art (and even a couple of my own paintings). And making things so easy, it's like a big sticker with a peel-off back so no one will have to bother with the painful paste process.

$148 a roll at Anthropologie now!

Details, details.

(So, so many thanks to the wonderful, talented Carly Blumberg for helping make this dream come true). 

Back to the Daily Grind Shopping

Monday, September 03, 2012 3 comments

Since we no longer get three MONTHS off (clearly bemoaning the end of the absolutely lovely three DAY one we just had), it only seems fair that we adults treat ourselves to a few new things to start the best season of the year off right. We worked all summer! Here's some of my damage that I recommend to all. This great batik bedspread comes from Bodhi down the street from my apartment in Williamsburg. The queen size fits my full perfectly, so size up if you go.

A leather camera strap from Tipton & Co. (twirling around on the right, above) is such an improvement over the old Canon one, it should almost be mandatory for all point-and-shoot digital camera owners. 

Cire Trudon's Empire candle will infuse your home with instant coziness. It's almost like having a fire made with hay kindling. Who wouldn't want that? And if it seems that your wardrobe consists of nothing but jeans and oxford shirts (like mine does), it might be time to add some accessories. I'm going for rings. These are from VeraMeat and Balenciaga.