English Exploration Pt. 2: Beautiful Bars and Buns

Monday, April 30, 2012 5 comments

Porter and I both have an incredible ability to sleep on planes, mouths agape, as if we've smuggled a propofol tank in our carry-on luggage and sucked on it all the way through security. I can't remember the last time I've seen a flight attendant whip out that little card and click the seat belt. On Saturday, after a 3:30 wake up, hour long ride to Gatwick and another to puddle jump to Manchester, we ended up on the plane back to the colonies and proceeded through the normal protocol. I stirred a couple hours later, pleased with my time lapse progress, expecting to be jetting over Reykjavik. Sadly, I peeked out the window to see Manchester and a monsoon. The plane, it turns out, was getting de-iced!

The English weather was absolutely unkind for the entire trip, but at least I found a used Barbour on day seven (they have loads for about £70 at the clothing section of the Portobello Road market that runs perpendicular to Portobello Road and spills out at the Ladbrook Grove tube station). The offerings at Norton & Sons on Savile Row (above) run a bit more.

The Churchill War Rooms at the Imperial War Museum are perfect time capsules of the era.

Hand printed Japanese book liners become beautiful wallpaper at London's most stunning bar, Bob Bob Ricard (the downstairs bar at Hawksmoor Spitalfields and the Connaught Bar in Mayfair are close rivals in the beauty department, though).

Vintage naval perfection at Walpole's on Portobello Road.

More from the Churchill War Rooms...

...and even more (and a backgammon floor!) at Bob Bob Ricard.

If you're ever kinda somewhat lost in West London, find Addison Road and you'll see home after home with front yards that rival the garden grooming of Versailles.

More evidence of the wonders at Walpole's

My favorite trees! (I love them less when they flourish and get their leaves. Is that telling?)

(I want to sincerely thank all the utterly kind - and tasteful - readers for their suggestions. I'm going to add them all to my map and make it free to all!).
English Exploration Pt. 1 | Portobello Road, Norfolk and Loads of Cute Cars

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 9 comments

We're day four into our English adventures and we've shot two wonderful homes for our book and purchased a full year's worth of loot. Cannot thank everyone who's written with suggestions enough for all their help! We're hoping to pack in as much as we can! Above, Queen Vic holds court in Hyde Park.

Here's evidence of a portion of the purchases: an (affordable by comparison - see below) Panama hat from William Evans, leather gloves from Swaine Adeney Brigg, grapefruit and rosemary room spray (that, damnit, I'm wearing as perfume...because it's like a nose poem) from Floris, an Anglo Indian porcupine quill box from the incomparable Henry Gregory and lady's spectators from Church's.

We've seen three Nissan Figaros so far - and all are perfection.

Porter, having a rest in Hyde Park

Port sitting on a star across from the Connaught Hotel (the hotel is kinda heavy, but the Connaught Bar is a true deco gem).

We went out to Norfolk to visit family; it was like a Barbour ad and/or a stay in Masterpiece Theater.

...and then came back to London and all the wonderful Fiats and Minis.

Here's a peek inside the Henry Gregory basement where we found a striped mini-trunk (see below)

and here's Port down the road from the flat we rented from AirBNB.

Lobb's footwear fantasies.

At Swaine Adeney Brigg, I grabbed this Herbert Johnson Panama hat - which actually fit my gigantic head - and almost cried when I saw that it cost around GPB 750 (I got the less fancy one above instead).

Excellent labeling at Goyard in Mayfair.

More Fiat 500s

And a little international army from Andy Morant Toys at the Portobello Road Market.

Me, with my Henry Gregory mini-trunk on Day 1.

London, Here We Come!

Friday, April 20, 2012 9 comments

Porter and I will be in London for the next week running around buying old Barbour jackets and toy soldiers in between shoots for our book! If you're in London or Norfolk and know anyone who's done a beautiful job incorporating heirlooms and personal mementos into their decor and might be willing to let us invade, please ping me at hollister.hovey@gmail.com or @hollisterhovey on Twitter! 

Or - if you have any suggestions of great shops or eats, send those our way, too! We've started this map, which has loads of dots all in one big bunch (which is always kind of nice).

Many photos to come!
Donna, Oh The Party

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 1 comment
Porter and I were extremely honored to host the first preview of Donna. It was an incredible night!

(Above owner Leif Huckman, investor Warner Lewis, and Porter)

Creative Director of Bergdorf's Jesper Lund and photographer Ian Tong

New York Times Reporter Alex Williams and Cup of Jo's Joanna Goddard with APC's Caitlin Adkins

Photographer Matthew Williams and his wife Allison enjoying one of the amazing cocktails

HoME Designer and creative master mind behind Donna, Oliver Haslegrave

Yup that's right -- The Hoveys' all in white

HoME Designer responsible for the creation of Donna, Evan Haslegrave with Jonathan Moore

Donna staff

All photos by Porter Hovey
Oh, Donna!

Monday, April 16, 2012 No comments

On Saturday, Porter and I were honored to host the preview of the beautiful new Williamsburg bar, Donna.

Leif Huckman (Goat Town), a decade-long veteran of the New York restaurant and entertainment scene, had the vision for Donna and brought together the teams to make it a reality.

 He enlisted brothers Evan and Oliver Haslegrave, founders of the Brooklyn-based design and construction firm hOmE, to transform the old flop house on the corner of Broadway and Dunham Place (one block east of Kent) into a space that evokes both an art deco parlor room and a Spanish colonial cathedral. Incredibly, the entire interior is new to the space, save for the beautiful etched doors. The vaulted plaster ceilings replaced decaying tin and reclaimed wood covers the floors. The Haslegraves designed all the lighting and the countertops are a wonderful, simple poured cement composite. 

Jeremy Oertel (Dram) developed the rum-heavy cocktail menu offering variations on classic drinks, while Jessica Wilson (formerly of Prune) is behind the menu of Latin-inspired small plates.
So many thanks to our friends Warner Lewis and Ari Harkov who helped Leif with the business end of creating Donna - and invited us to throw the opening celebration. Photos of that to follow!

 Donna is open to the public tonight! 

27 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

Follow them on Twitter at @donnabklyn

The banquettes are covered in leather strips, which also cover the edges of the cafe tables.

Photos by Porter Hovey
Going Mad! (Men)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 7 comments

In celebration of Beauty Week and one French Canadian beauty, I set out to transform Port into Megan Draper for Racked. She looks quite the part and even blows a little bisou bisou at the end! 

Thanks to Kerry for cooking up this great idea and CLT for helping us GIF it together!

Check out the details over here!