Thanksgiving Destination: Tokyo

A few weeks back I saw a great deal for flights to Mexico City. That totally didn't pan out, but I became obsessed with getting out of Dodge. Italy is pretty far from Dodge, I thought, but those tickets, too, didn't seem so cheap after I plugged in my dates. By this time, though, I was practically shaking from my need for an eject button. So, within an hour, price be damned, I'd talked myself into Tokyo. We've been dying to go for decades and we just finished the book, so why not?, I rationalized. Also - it will be incredible for Crimbo presents. Let us know of your favorite spots! We're going in with a bit of laissez-faire approach: we will get lost regardless, so it's best to just explore and discover without any pressure (for the most part), we figure. Some loose destinations are plotted below.

Stay tuned for lots of pics - and follow the action semi-live on Twitter @hollisterhovey and @porterhovey from Saturday on.

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