Into the Wild No. 2 | My Weekend in Chatham

Instead of dealing with big birthday bashes these days, I really prefer to treat myself to a little dose of time well the hell outta Dodge. Last year was Montauk, but for the big (boring as birthdays go) 3-4, Porter and our friend (the excellent web designer) Chris Lopez-Thomas headed up to the land of yellow, orange and red leaves, mountains and streams: Chatham, NY. We rented a "Berkshire Chalet" from AirBNB just down the Taconic Parkway from the dodgy, yet awesome-looking Chatham Travel Lodge.

The place was amazing, but the driveway, highly perilous, even in Stan, our monstrous Ford Expedition.

It got down to the low-40s at night, so it was actually appropriate for hot fires and hot hot toddys. This batch had the magical special kick of Mike's Hot Honey (which should win awards for the best condiment since Siracha), with equal parts Maker's Mark and Cornelius Apple Jack, as well as some hot water, lemon and a sprig of thyme.

Over the summer, our friend Kerry Folan showed us the utter freedom and rich sound that come from the bluetooth-fueled Jambox. I picked one up and brought him into the woods where he allowed Tammy Wynette and Johnny Cash to serenade the trees (and us).

I like how CLT accidentally threw on the old Navy blanket to hang like a shawl collared coat (kinda like Julia Ormond did in Legends of the Fall...I ironically am dressed kinda like Tristan).

In a fun coincidence, our handsome friend, Adam Kell, was in that neck of the woods, too, and popped by!

More of the good draping - this time more in the vein of the Renaissance than 1920s Montana.

One of the days, Port danced on a log...

...and on our last night, the boys (including Rob) braved the rain to char some amazing meats.


  1. Unknown says:

    Fun! What's going on with the spooky background music on the blog??

  2. Karena says:

    Happy Birthday Hollister, it looks like a fun time had by all!!

    Art by Karena

  3. I'll send my Barbour up for a wax. You are such a baby! Hope you had a good one.

  4. Unknown says:

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