Well Hung | Ori Gersht, Museum of Fine Arts Boston

For nearly quarter century now, I've had an ongoing wish (and diatribe that I've gone on and on about on the blog before) that schools would offer chronological curriculums where children could learn (eastern and western) history, literature, language, art and music in historical context. It's impossible to separate any of these things from the eras in which they emerged, yet we jam isolated factoids down kids' throats year after year and hope that they'll eventually connect the dots and be able to draw parallels to events today. Well, Israeli-born, London-based photographer Ori Gersht has spent his whole career investigating the interplay between cultural, political and art history and the often savage violence and beauty that define all three. This fall the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston launches the first retrospective of Gersht's mind-bendingly beautiful HD films and large-scale digital photography, as well as his first monograph. Through his images he reinterprets art history to show us all how political and cultural legacies repeat.


  1. new one to me. cant wait to catch this.

  2. I have been a longtime fan of your blog and am very excited to see the release date of your book!

    This exhibit looks fabulous! I am off now to do a little more research into the artist and his work.

    Have a great week, Elizbeth

  3. New to me, too! So f-ing great. Can't wait to see it in real life. Thank you both so much!!!

  4. Neal says:

    This is more than fabulous. I'd never heard of this artist before. Thanks for the info Hollister. I've watched each video three times now. I can't wait to learn even more .

  5. This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. I completely agree about the way history is taught, or not taught, in school. As an adult, I learn so much history by reading biographies because I get a full picture of a person's life/time -- the politics, art, culture, etc. -- not just a timeline of facts to memorize.

  6. Hollister, long time admirer, and I couldn't agree with you more about context. It frustrated me so much that I've been trying to connect the various (small) islands of knowledge I have managed to acquire over the years. The iPad app "Timeline Eons" is fantastic... a huge, scaleable and infinitely expandable timeline of all history that you can add events to. It's endlessly interesting to drop things into it and immediately have them fleshed out by circumstance

  7. Unknown says:

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