A Parent of Heirloom Modern

From the point of view of a single person who's years away from sprouting offspring who will inherit her purses and taxidermy, it's safe to say that finishing the photography (more Porter's effort than mine) and the chapters for Heirloom Modern has been has been one huge labor of love -- even though the project's technically still in the second trimester. When the cover came out, it was kinda like seeing a sonogram - and now that the book's up on the Rizzoli website -- and Amazon -- I feel like I've just laid my peepers on a 3-D ultrasound. Her inner designs are still in development, but wow, we've got ourselves a real book! Due date: March 26, 2013. She'll be an Aries.


  1. Keep going ladies, you can do it! Push! Puuuushh! ;)

  2. Reese says:

    March 26 is the day after my birthday, so I'll be giving myself "Heirloom Modern" as a gift. Can't wait to sink into this, and congratulations!

  3. looking forward to meeting your offspring...hope she is full of purses and taxidermy

  4. Look forward to your book and love your look! And the fact you are not afraid of Taxidermy. Your stag logo is gorgeous!

  5. Karena says:

    So excited Hollister (and Porter of course)Let me know if you would like me to feature your book and and an interview on my site!

    Art by Karena