4th of July on Pier 59

Back in the Spring, Porter and I got a call from a couple in Westhampton with a request we never expected: to help them pick out furniture for their new...River Boat. They'd just purchased the old Martha Jefferson, an old stalwart of Long Island river cruises, and were in the midst of transforming it into a three-bedroom, three and a half bath house boat with a gleaming, slick kitchen, loft-sized dining and lounging area and a huge top deck. They wanted it to look modern, simple and clean - and more than anything - for it to make it to its new home at Pier 59 Chelsea Piers before the 4th of July. After months of renovations - and 18 hours of paddling, she was docked, just in time for their big party last night. We were lucky enough to be invited aboard for the front row seats to the fireworks (which may just have beaten the Canadian and Nebraskan ones) and a preview of the amazing times (and views) this family is going to have in their new floating home away from home.

Their friends down the pier live on this beautiful schooner. When their dog - who'd loved his little zebra chew toy more than anything - died a while back, they purchased 17 inflatable zebras to honor the little guy in a proper funeral procession when it came time to scatter his ashes at sea. They made a big appearance on deck last night (and even came on board with us after the fireworks).

We checked out the space a few days before. Those plastic chairs are probably our favorite purchase of the entire project.

NYPD choppers buzz the boats

The zebras on board

The magnificent view


  1. Karena says:

    Hollister how cool is this!! I adore the chairs; the view, the neighboring zebras! The entire project must have been amazing (will we see more of the decor?)

    Art by Karena

  2. Anonymous says:

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    I can tell that you had a great time. Who wouldn't right? A perfect view, a lovely chair, cute zebras and a fireworks to celebrate fourth of July.