Heirloom Modern - The Cover Revealed!

Over the past few months, Porter and I have seen some truly amazing homes - and heard even more incredible stories behind the things inside them for our book for Rizzoli. We've been all over Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn, out to Sag Harbor, up to the Hudson Valley, down to Maryland and across the pond. Many of the subjects of our book are completely unrelated, but so many wonderful themes (including a lot of needlepoint!) have emerged and it's fascinating to see all the stories tie together. We're so excited for the spring! It should be in stores around April - but for now, here's a peek at the cover. That's a shot of our Aunt Carey's portrait of her great great grandfather, Valérien Allain, painted in New Orleans around 1800 sitting beneath a font that our designer created by hand (how cool is that?). We're just giddy to see it take shape in such a beautiful way. We cannot thank everyone who's been apart of the process enough. It's been so fun. Hope you all love it, too!


  1. Karena says:

    So wonderful; adore the cover and cannot wait for the book release!

    Art by Karena

  2. Well of course everyone will, how can they resist such a cover?!
    Bon fin de weekend,
    Heather in Arles

  3. AlwaysMe says:

    Very cool - can't wait to see the inside!

  4. i soooooo can't wait!
    this is so exciting. Loving the cover!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gosh, how thrilling for you both so see it coming together. Can't wait to grab a copy!

  6. crosseye says:

    Have you featured Armene Lamson Hovey Clark's beautiful photo on the cover of Life Magazine October 31, 1955? I can email you image, if you like, but it's easy to Google, too, of course

  7. It looks amazing! Can't wait!