Our (Well, the Brits') Paintings

The BBC and the Public Catalogue Foundation have partnered up to give the world access to all of the great paintings in the museums around the UK. So far there are 110,000 photographed and up on the Your Paintings site. It's remarkably fun stuff - and a great resource if you're looking for images of powerful men staring off to the left (or pretending to)...or folky boats...or manor houses.

(Above: Carshalton House, Carshalton Surrey by Thomas John R. Winn)

Carnation by A.V. Yallop

The Manor House, Creswells by Hendrick Danckerts

General John Adam Tytler, VC, CB (1825-1880). Artist unknown.

A Huntsman by Helen D. Kiddal

Portrait of a Naval Officer by Charles Julian Tharp

Mappercombe Manor House, Dorset from the British School

Supporter LT119 by George Race

The Champion by George Race

Brigadier General Sir F.G. Guggisberg by Frederick Gordon Guggisberg


  1. Karen says:

    You always find the best historic art for us. Thanks.

  2. Ann says:

    Oh wonderful resource!! I can see how my afternoon will be spent.

  3. This is fantastic - yet another amazing resource from the BBC. It's great to see so many paintings from local museums and government offices in small towns across the country. Many of these paintings might otherwise be gathering dust in some municipal offices without anyone having a chance to see them.

  4. That is one fine Lieutenant.

  5. Wonderful images! Thank you!

  6. Wonderful! This is a fantastic thing. Thanks for the great post.

  7. nancy says:

    Hello? Anyone there?
    nancy W

  8. Lisa says:

    I think you might be able to photo- shop your dad's likeness into the Lieutenant Reginald Theodore Carlos Hoidge and call it a day. Then make a copy, print, frame and say 'yes, he's family'. Seriously cool stuff