I'm Alive!!!!! (and Tweeting, but Definitely Not Blogging...as I Should Be))

Before, there was just this puppy to nurture...but there's a whole new litter. Twitter! Instagram! Tumblr! Facebook (kinda)! Vimeo (rarely)! I've clearly been kinder to the younger pups and let this sleeping dog, well, sleep. Not good. 

That said, the offspring are kinda flourishing. Porter and I love the Hovey Design Tumblr page (below) so much, that we've transformed our apartment to look just like it (it's refreshing and beautiful...and almost finished).  We've also got some very very cool decorating projects underway and I'm really, really proud of the book so far.

Of course these are all just excuses for being a terrible blogger! 

I will post something legitimate later today, but wanted to show some love to the mothership (and all her offspring - which look quite nice when viewed via Flipboard, i.e. top and bottom shots).



  1. Karena says:

    Yes I have missed you terribly; now that I see why I am thrilled!

    Art by Karena