A Very Scary (Decorating) Story

Monday, October 31, 2011 13 comments
With a November 15 deadline for the decorating project looming, Porter and I decided we should head where the antiques are, so that meant Hudson, NY. That was a completely great decision at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning and continued to be until around 3:00. We found perfect white metal patio benches with rubberized, Band Aid colored bands that look like something from the set of a Mathew Barney film, gigantic celadon Japanese rice pots and a iron bedframe with brass balls for the project - and picked up a portrait of the Duke of Wellington (above), six beautiful tartan scarves and five charming reverse glass paintings for our joint and necks. Then it started to sprinkle. So, we got into the minivan and headed south. By 3:15 there was nothing but white. And then things went down hill: 
6:15: Stuck in the snow getting pushed by group of men.
6:30: Fallen tree blocks the road.
6:45: Minivan stuck again with long line of cars behind it. 
6:46: Unnecessary, unhelpful yelling at the navigator (Porter) begins.
6:50: Helpful men push minivant onto a cul de sac as the state troopers close the Taconic Parkway. 
7:00: Ship abandoned.
7:00-7:30: Joe, a kind-hearted jazz pianist/cable man drives us to the Ramada in Fishkill.
7:30: Ramada and all other lodging in Fishkill fully booked. Decision to camp in the Ramada made.
8:00: Guy in snow pants comes in and declares that his day had to be worse than all of ours. He explains why:

He wakes up in the morning set to help his friend move. The storm rolls in, so they finish up and then head out too see if they can help pull people from snow. They come across a car stuck in an embankment and try to help. A gigantic tree falls on that car. As they run for their lives, his friend sprains his knee. They decide to call it a day and head for the barn until the power in his 2007 Nissan goes out, stalling the car. They get out and walk away, just in time for the thing to burst into a gigantic ball of flames. A BALL OF FLAMES! A corrections officer takes pity and drives them to the Ramada. 
We give him beer.

3:30 a.m.: We finally get a room.

9:00 a.m.: Taconic still closed to all traffic. Worried about the car and the new purchases, we decide to walk the six miles to go fetch it, taking comfort in the concept of at least making progress in some direction. A kind mom in a Jeep picks us up on mile 5 and drives us the rest of the way.

11:15 a.m.: Car located and totally safe. Daylight reveals an absolutely treacherous path taken the night before and substantial damage to other cars and trees along the way.
3:30 p.m.: Back safe in Brooklyn. Exhausted.
  As far as shopping trips go, this may have been our Waterloo.
P.S. Despite this being the least festive Halloween post ever, I have to say, the weather may have played tricks, but it was an utter treat to see people at their best, exuding the finest generosity of spirit and kindness. Joe, the wonderful lady who picked us up and the exhausted-but-helpful-and-sweet staff of the Fishkill Ramada, you're all pretty damned wonderful. Thank you so much!
The Most Exciting News (Of My Life)!!

Monday, October 24, 2011 42 comments

It is with immeasurable quantities of unbridled joy that I get to type: I'm writing a BOOK! A big, shiny coffee table book...for Rizzoli!!! 

Porter gets to do the photography, too! It's really, really a dream come true for both of us.

It would have never happened without the tireless efforts of Jean Sagendorph at Mansion Street Literary Management.

We are so, so grateful to you, Jean (and the lovely Mrs. Blandings for making the introduction).

Rizzoli, thank you so much for taking a chance on this blogger and her little sis. We've adored your beautiful books our whole lives and are just so honored to be working with you.

It's so wonderfully fitting to get the news just a couple weeks before what would've been our mom's 65th birthday. The project is an homage to her and her legacy.

We'll work like mad to do you proud, Mommy!

Need for Tweed

Monday, October 17, 2011 10 comments
 On Saturday, a load of ladies and gents threw on some tweedy bits and gathered around the Rugby Store on University Place for the first U.S. Tweed Run.  Because of the rampant, occupational protesting going on around the island, the "run" (bike ride) portion was truncated into a ride around the West Village, but the duds still looked pretty nice.

I wore jodhpurs, a Rugby windowpane tweed hacking jacket (they gave me one - so nice!), my new navy blue Sermoneta driving gloves and my Brooks Brothers cap toe boots.

Bill Cunningham showed up to take some snaps!

Port came in a Rubgy knit dress and swaddled herself in a J.Press Brown University college scarf and regimental pin.

Rugby knit dresses are kinda short on 6' tall girls - and very dangerous in a stiff breeze!

(Photos by Porter Hovey and me)
Birthday Dunes

Thursday, October 13, 2011 6 comments

As a little kid, one thing was guaranteed: rain on the day of my birthday party. Hulu hoop contest at Winstead's diner? Rain. Hay ride at Saddle & Sirloin? Rain. So, after all those years of soak outs, someone in the sky said, It's time to do HHH a good one...and gave us last weekend. We'd always planned to head to Montauk, but with a cozy sweaters-on-the-beach vibe. But instead, we were treated to full-out summer and probably the best, most care-free, wonderful birthday weekend of my life (that included the best lobster roll ever to touch my buds at the appropriately named, Lobster Roll down the road in Amagansett). Here's the photo evidence: 

It was closed. For the season. So was Ruschmeyers! 

A violent crime or a flip that could've used a bit more air? Hum.

That is Porter - and I am actually less tan. Yep.

A very athletic ninja chop.

Yep, Port loves J.Crew stripes.

Me, on the upper deck at Gosman's.