Legacy: Grandma + Givenchy Go to a Party

Aunt Virginia wasn't the only one in the fam lucky enough to make it into LIFE. It's always been a huge source of family pride that grandma got the cover in '55 (for being a pretty stunning socialite), 12 years after her second husband got his (for fighting Nazis from the cockpit of a P-47 Thunderbolt) (click here to see the covers). It wasn't until a few years ago when I got my own copy, that I realized grandma was inside her issue, too...on the arm of Givenchy! I finally found it online. You can read the whole issue and the article (starting on page 24) right here thanks to Google Books. Man, I love technology!


  1. Glamorous!

    PS -- I love Google Books, too.

  2. she is the height of glamour-something in its true meaning is gone-with the wind.

  3. Nebris says:

    Wearing a dress by Irene too! Go grandma!

    She also looks like Rita Hayworth at a distance. rawr

  4. LXV says:

    I think you look like her.

  5. Okay, that is about the most glamorous grandmother there ever was. Enchanting!

  6. GoldenDay says:

    How did she not go insane? Hardly anyone in this town knows how to dress.

  7. Wow.

    I promise to never make smart aleck comments like "cheer up, the Recession's almost over" ever again. Seriously, never ever.

    I'll just slink away now, thanks.

  8. Marion says:

    Very sophisticated and glamorous. I want to see the color of his solid men's dress shirts.

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