Legacy: Ginny and Rita Go for a Picnic

During a 4 a.m. fit of insomnia this morning, I started poking around on the internets and came across something quite shocking: photos of my grandpa's sister riding bikes, making jelly sandwiches and eating chicken with her friend...Rita Hayworth! Aunt Virginia's on the right. Their poor friend Jane Hopkins didn't seem to get the memo about the uniform of the day and Minerva Griswold seems to be kinda struggling to keep up, but at least they all got treats at the end of the 10 mile ride. So fun!

Photos by Peter Stackpole for LIFE Magazine, 1940


  1. The kitchen photo is fabulous. The whole atmosphere is great.

    But the picnic scene is altogether heavenly. I love the checked blanket, the relaxed attitude of the girls, and Rita Hayworth's wonderful pose.

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