Boy Toys

Sotheby's is teaming up with RM Auctions down in Florida to sell off a load of toys for boys, men and all cool chicks who enjoy chrome and wood (in all shapes and sizes).  All of these items in the Milhous Brothers' Collection go on the block this February. There's this 1933 "Miss Florida" speedboat by Jack Kipfer (above), the 1939 Dooling 2nd Series FWD tether race car, the 1950 "Buster" Brown Rudge motorcycle, the Curley Class B Mite Racer Model and the 1924 Baby Bootlegger


  1. Isn't it crazy to think that novelties like this were once modern? I have a mad infatuation with historic objects. New cars? Please. I'd take something like this over a brand new, say, Mercedes, any day :)

  2. Great post. Love the first boat!

  3. Love the images, Still pretty cool today too. Great collectors item. From Engagement Rings

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