Frohe Festtage!

Two years back, Porter and I went to the American frontier for Christmas, but this time around we thought it might be grand to holiday in the dark woods and high peaks of southern Germany. The apartment transformation into the Black Forest and Alpine lands of Bavaria has begun!

(I hope everyone had the most amazing day of stuffing and thanks on Thursday. To say I'm thankful for this amazing year is an understatement - what a ride! Here's to a wonderful holiday season. I cannot even begin to communicate my gratitude for all the generosity and kindness out there. Cheers to you all!)


  1. Joy says:

    Oooh I like the sound of the party theme! Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  2. wish I could have come over to *your* house for thanksgiving! I'm sure the apt looks amazing. happy holidays! :)

    xx fallon

  3. Chin up! The Recession's almost over!

  4. Oh what lovely adventures you must be having...! And all from the comfort of your own apartment. Wonderful.

  5. Your handsome guy looks a lot like my handsome guy. Can't wait to see the new Christmas location. Mary