Birthday Dunes

As a little kid, one thing was guaranteed: rain on the day of my birthday party. Hulu hoop contest at Winstead's diner? Rain. Hay ride at Saddle & Sirloin? Rain. So, after all those years of soak outs, someone in the sky said, It's time to do HHH a good one...and gave us last weekend. We'd always planned to head to Montauk, but with a cozy sweaters-on-the-beach vibe. But instead, we were treated to full-out summer and probably the best, most care-free, wonderful birthday weekend of my life (that included the best lobster roll ever to touch my buds at the appropriately named, Lobster Roll down the road in Amagansett). Here's the photo evidence: 

It was closed. For the season. So was Ruschmeyers! 

A violent crime or a flip that could've used a bit more air? Hum.

That is Porter - and I am actually less tan. Yep.

A very athletic ninja chop.

Yep, Port loves J.Crew stripes.

Me, on the upper deck at Gosman's.


  1. Joy says:

    Happy birthday! I've never spent any birthdays on the beach, though now I might plan to in the future...

  2. Thanks so much, Joy! You should! We actually fell asleep on a dune!

  3. Unknown says:

    Happy Birthday. I love the photos. Hope all is well. :)

  4. Too sweet. Happy birthday, Hollister!

  5. Karen says:

    Happy birthday! Nice to have the "best" day for your b-day.

  6. Gorgeous picture of you! Looks like a fun time. I adore Montauk!