Rugby Crosses the Gain Line

Rugby's thrown co-education aside and graduated from University (Place) with its two new tiny, beautiful single-sex boutiques on Bleecker.

The boys' (at 390 Bleecker) looks like stepping into the ultimate boarding school movie. Loads of vintage college scarfs, cricket jackets, tweeds and slippers (including a pair of vintage John Lobbs that might have cost more than a semester at Eton), hang and sit against dark woods, intermingling with the new collection. Besides that one pair of velvet, gold-threaded beauties (which spend many of their days in a safe), all the vintage is for sale.

The girls' (380 Bleecker) takes things more lightly with old ivory-painted wood, ruffled pillow ticking dressing room curtains and muted tartans on a large french settee.

Those two frames to the left show off a couple pages from an old English embroidery factory's inventory "catalog." Someone carefully drew in columns with pencil and glued in all the school patches. Library style, they stamped the date alongside whenever there was a re-order. (I saw the whole BOOK - honestly 4 inches thick - of these a couple years back and nearly passed out).

This fall's slipper selections, including a pair designed for October 15th's Tweed Run! (More on that in a bit!)

Last spring, they launched a Haberdashery shop of really great suits and sport coats at the University Place digs. Now, the Bleecker store offers made-to-measure shirts with oxford and broad cloth from New England Shirt Company. (I've ordered up a pink, club-collared Oxford with sans serif HHH monogram on the pocket).

There are the Lobbs!

Here you can see the lightness of the women's store.

The gals get vintage, too.

A little peek at the ruffled ticking curtains.

I love that the boys just get busts and the girls get mannequins with full, (somewhat intimidating) personalities. The gal above seems quite relaxed, though.

Note: Not being one for half measures in real estate, Ralph also opened an expanded space for RRL's fancy side across the street. It's pretty spectacular, too. Expensive, but so good lookin'.

(All photos by Porter Hovey


  1. Karena says:

    Hollister love these shops and the women's vintage leather has me yearning!! Love it all! Porter, great images!


    Art by Karena

  2. Turning off my computer, as I was completely, visually satiated for the day. Beautiful!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i die. all of this is amazing.

  4. jones says:

    They really get it! Mary

  5. Crappers, I was just in New York and somehow missed it. Next time - it is right up my alley!

  6. MP says:

    Can we all agree that the "Skull and Bones" emblem is over?

  7. A.U.G. says:

    Rugby does not hold a candle to your digs on featured in Design Sponge. Exceptionally superb.

  8. Jim says:

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  9. Jim says:

    I love this

  10. Anonymous says:


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