Holler & Squall's Unlimited Things

Along the westernmost reaches of Atlantic Ave. - so far west, you can almost take a dip in the East River - sits Holler + Squall, a perfect little boutique filled with Deyrolle-worthy taxidermy and industrial/European antiques.

Taxidermy like this MONKEY!!! (He's an expensive monkey - $2,000 - but a MONKEY nonetheless)...

...or this gator, who's obviously less interested in hanging out...

(These duffel bags from the Quality Mending Company are currently 25% off).

...or this buffalo, who will be hanging out forever...

...or this huge, monitor lizard - who will eat you...with a smile.
(Very importantly: The shop's right next door to New York's - and maybe America's - greatest sailor bar).

Holler + Squall
71 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn


  1. charlotte says:

    what a brilliant collection of things..the internet has opened up so much more retail inspiration but i wish it would find a way of transforming shipping, too!

  2. ASL says:

    nice bar! have you seen 'Adventures of the Blackgang"?

  3. Rural Florida has a plethora of taxidermy. There is a flea market/antique mall housed on 117 acres about 40 minutes from our house. Let me know if you and Porter would like to make a trip. We would love to have you!