The Fixer Upper | A Desk, a Lamp and Some Gigantic Bullets

Here's a tiny vignette of selections that will go into one of the guest bedrooms of the Williamsburg decorating project. The 19th c. desk, brass lamp and bullets all came from Dickinson's in Beacon, NY. The stapler to the right is from Restoration Hardware and the indiscernible ivory Bakelite page turner is from a great little shop in Cold Spring. The navy pleated shade is a custom order from Just Shades in Nolita. This and just heaps and heaps of more amazingly fun finds currently sit in our already quite stuffed loft. It's so exciting to be making a dent!


  1. I spy a Cire Trudon candle! Can you share which fragrance? (Please say 'Ernesto.' Oh so very masculine & good.)

  2. Oh - I'm obsessed with them! It's actually Empire, only purchased because they've discontinued Revolution (fresh baked bread). I've literally begged to buy the final Revolution display model at four stores, only to have it pried from my hand. Empire is amazing, though. I've bought a couple for my boyfriend and the wonderful burning woodsy scent has permeated his apartment. My senses go all out of whack when I come to my place and it smells like his. But there are greater problems to have!

  3. They discontinued Revolution? Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that. You're presenting a very valid argument for stocking up ...

    Empire's gorgeous -- so green & masculine.


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