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The deadline to finish the apartment decorating project is looming (in the next couple months) - but we're breathing easier tonight after a ridiculously fruitful jaunt north. We were headed up to Rhinebeck, but on a whim, said, Hell, let's swing through Beacon. The first and only place into which we swung: Dickinson's at 440 Main Street. We left with: a 19th century leather top desk, a Victorian bed, a WWII radio receiver, a brass lamp, some very large bullets, a school house chalkboard, a huge framed map, A PROPELLER...and a 1940s KAYAK (in bits, in the green bags). Phew. It's amazing. You must go! (Esp. if you want a vintage marble-topped fridge, a couple huge arts and crafts style club-ish chairs, a wonderful painting of a boat or any number of beautiful clocks!).   

The loot!


  1. The brocantes here in France make my world go round and kept me sane when I first moved over. After years of going every single weekend--often both days!--to the Porte de Vanves flea we had ONE day like that. One. But what a high! And those are still my favorite pieces. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    My 1930s drafting table is from there, as well as my jewelry chest, and countless other tzotchkes around our cottage.

    And congrats on the epic rolltop desk!

    And next time you're rollin' through our 'hood (Garrison), stop by for tea in our letterpress studio. We promise to gift you with cards : )

    ~ J.B. Taylor (of Thunderwing Press)

  3. Cool blog, thanks.

    Mark @ Mohka