Fantasies, on a Crisp White Background

One of the reasons I started this blog was to stop living beyond my means. The need to purchase amazing items (esp. coffee table books) is often tempered by taking or stealing a photo and plopping it up here. Those are only on the rational days, though. More often than not, it's, "Wow, that would be so great on the blog!" as I hand my debit card over and purchase a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk. That it not a remote possibility when scrolling around on 1stdibs, however - and that's the main reason why I started my tumblr page. Turns out I'm not the only one with 1stdibs envy: Celerie Kemble has it - and 1stdibs founder, Michael Bruno, does, too!  Steven Kurutz was kind enough to include me in his own homage to these pangs of antiques pain in the Home section of today's New York Times. So fun! Thanks so much, Steven!


  1. ABCady says:

    Anthony Cady here. Shoe designer, occasional professor at FIT, son of an antiquarian bookseller and eccentric old boy. Regarding books and modernist furniture. Can't help with the furniture addiction. But books? Get yourself a resale/tax ID number if you don't already. Establish an account at and Bingo! You now get art, design and fashion books for about half or a third of what the Strand charges. Shhh... And you have dough for furniture!

    Admire your site and taste.

    I Pinch Your Claws,


  2. I hear you collect Louis Vuitton bags and luggage etc. I was looking on the online catalogue of the estate sale of Douglas Fairbanks and they are auctioning his Louis Vuitton steamer trunk. Not sure if your interested but I figured you wouldn't mind giving it a look. Hope you enjoy.