The Remarkable Albums of Sylvia Drew

There is an art to scrapbooking, and if anyone should be crowed queen of the hobby, it's Sylvia Drew.  In the September issue of World of Interiors, her great grandson, historian Turtle Bunbury, recounts his childhood when he'd get to flip through all 240 vibrant, beautiful pages of her carefully arranged watercolors, prints and photos compiled and created from 1909 to the 1930s. They truly represent just remarkable graphic design. These shots were originally captured by James Fennell and then instagrammed by me.

You can buy a copy of the first of her four albums through the family by emailing


  1. Karena says:

    Hollister these are amazing, and modern day scrapbooksers should take heed of how glorious these are!


    Art by Karena

  2. Saw these albums in World of Interiors - and been obsessed with them ever since. They are SO inspiring. How scrapbooking should be!