Plum Crazy!

Haskell Harris at Garden & Gun asked me to cook up a fun cocktail recipe for my guest blog post on Belle Decor this month. The plums at the farmers' market this week were so ripe that their sweet smell was, well, smellable, from 20 feet away. So, they got to be the key ingredient. I've had some definite cocktail failures in my day (bacon vodka Bloody Marys really sounded like a brilliant idea! They did!) - but this one is actually shockingly good (after one initial failed attempt). Pop over to the G&G blog for the (very loose) recipe.

Perhaps my subconscious started acting up this morning, because I had no intention of placing Sylvia Plath right below my recipe for a Plum Crazy...but there she is! Oops! (And yes, I know it's actually "plumb" but that wouldn't make much sense here!).


  1. Karena says:

    Oh love it Hollister the recipe sounds yummy!!


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