The Greatest of Challenges: The Hoveys Take on Modern

Porter and I just found out that we get to decorate...a PENTHOUSE! And in the greatest of ironies, the we girls - who live in an apartment without windows - will be choosing and arranging items in a place that's basically a cube with 30-foot glass walls (and a 30'x20' patio!!!!). It's really quite a dream come true. The owners only instructions: No heads. I think we can handle that. (It's still going to be an amazingly hard, wildly fun load of work - and we cannot wait!).

The views from this place blow the mind. Here's a look down onto the Williamsburg Flea from that loft-apartment sized outdoor space.


  1. Awesome news girls!
    Congrats to you and all that you will do.
    Now only if you will have time from now and then to join the parade of umbrellas below...perhaps a quick break to regain inspiration too!