The Fixer Upper | Plants and Tassels

Porter and I are making tiny dents in our penthouse decorating endeavor and it feels so good to see it start to come together. We're going to man up this Hollywood Regency stool from ebay with suiting fabric or a nice, thick Black Watch wool for one of the three bedrooms. We want this one to feel like entering a modernized Napoleonic uniform when we're done.

Last Sunday, we hit the flower district in Chelsea and picked up this adorable olive tree, the two topiary trees below, and two box hedges that will stand guard alongside the outdoor cocktail/bar area. The patio is a miraculous 30' x 20' (it's like an entire extra loft apartment!) - with full views of Manhattan and the river.

We got four of these guys on ebay for the Napoleonic room.

I love these French-looking planters. A colonial-style couch is arriving to fit between them on Saturday!


  1. LOVE it all - the tassels are fabulous additions. Looking forward to next installment!

  2. Oh it makes me laugh--here I am all happy to have found your blog only to discover that the comment before mine is from my blog friend, Stacey. Small world isn't it?

    I am loving all that you have found so far--lucky ducks, they are going to have one amazing penthouse when you are done with it!

    Bon Weekend.

  3. Karena says:

    I know your place will ( and I am sure is) be amazing. Everything you are choosing is wonderful!!


    Art by Karena

  4. Anzu says:

    Topiary and Napoleonic style. Love it - I want the stool!
    I thought Malmaison was fantastic when I went, have you been?

  5. mopar says:

    Looking fabulous. Very exciting. FYI for the outdoor plants on the roof, pick ones that are wind resistant, and set up an auto watering system. (I speak from experience -- installed a roof top garden for a friend, and it was all dead a month later.)

  6. AlwaysMe says:

    You are incredible to see Napoleon in the tasseled stool. My mother had one of those and her taste was so over the top Louis XIV that that is all I can see. It will be fabulous when you are finished.