Trash + Treasure

Notes from the morning walk: Washington Square Park homeless man who looks like Spicoli is wearing a shirt for the first time in a month and eating pizza-flavored Pringles. Squirrel sees Pringles. Attacks Spicoli's lap. Spicoli's arms flail. Squirrel runs.

Roughly 100 yards up Fifth Ave., north of Washington Square Park, sits loads of trash bags and a very interesting looking wicker container.

Voice inside HHH's head: %@@^@ yeah! That looks like a WWII artillery shell container!

High school boy passing by with his friends as HHH rips Poland Spring bottles from the wicker thingy: Wow, that's a WWII artillery shell container!

Seems like they're teaching incredibly B.A. stuff in NYC high schools these days! (And it'll be perfect to hold umbrellas).


  1. Lucky You!!!

    Good eyes and good instincts.


  2. Awesome! I have one that still has the cannisters in place!

  3. And architectural plans!!

  4. Valentine says:

    A good trash pick just makes your day, don't it?!

  5. GoldenDay says:

    Look familiar?