Trash + Treasure

Notes from the morning walk: Washington Square Park homeless man who looks like Spicoli is wearing a shirt for the first time in a month and eating pizza-flavored Pringles. Squirrel sees Pringles. Attacks Spicoli's lap. Spicoli's arms flail. Squirrel runs.

Roughly 100 yards up Fifth Ave., north of Washington Square Park, sits loads of trash bags and a very interesting looking wicker container.

Voice inside HHH's head: %@@^@ yeah! That looks like a WWII artillery shell container!

High school boy passing by with his friends as HHH rips Poland Spring bottles from the wicker thingy: Wow, that's a WWII artillery shell container!

Seems like they're teaching incredibly B.A. stuff in NYC high schools these days! (And it'll be perfect to hold umbrellas).


  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Lucky You!!!

    Good eyes and good instincts.


  3. Awesome! I have one that still has the cannisters in place!

  4. Anonymous says:

    And architectural plans!!

  5. Valentine says:

    A good trash pick just makes your day, don't it?!

  6. GoldenDay says:

    Look familiar?