Shipspotting No. 1

Some of us had Model Rocket Club. I personally had student council, quiz bowl, math team and yearbook (v. popular!). No one would cut off a limb to join any of these groups, but I'm sure many a boy would take hacksaw to wrist if it meant having the world's coolest teacher explain how to make ridiculous model boats and then spot real boats on the horizon. The incomparable site, British Pathé, sells rights to some of the most remarkable clips of film on record - including this 1958 news reel of the Walpole Bay Ship Spotting Club. Those Pathé Brits clearly don't like bloggers to use stills - but you should absolutely watch (or buy!) the clip and the outtakes. If Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson didn't watch this before making Rushmore, the world just got hit with some legitimate deja vu.