Ohhh Anthro! (Part II - The Outtakes)

The outtakes from the Anthro shoot are some of the best photos of us ever captured as adult sisters (and some of the sultriest of Port, too!).  I found that Versace Versus dress for her at Century 21 years ago. The stylists brought along a pair of just ridiculously sexy Christian Louboutin leopard print Lady Derby stilettos which were unfortunately cropped out of this one, but can be seen as a swoosh at in the bottom pic. I'm wearing a club collared oxford and tweed hacking jacket from Rugby, orange cords from the Gap and my glasses from See.

Port picked up this great vintage number at 10 Foot Single in Williamsburg. We call it he Carole Channing dress. The walls look so pretty in this light.

This little number is from H+M!

The gold dress on me is Ralph Lauren. I love how the apartment is reflected in the mirror. That's a picture of our dad from high school in the frame. He looks so cute.

The hottest shoes ever made!


  1. I love finding inspiration like this on blogs, simply stunning!

  2. GoldenDay says:

    I say again, you two are beyond adorable!

  3. Luke Hoy says:

    Looking good! I too love the wall color!

  4. shelly says:

    even the outtakes are stunning.

  5. Anonymous says:

    makes me wish i had a sister :)