A Most Incredible Surprise

Back in February, I discovered the incredible portrait artist, Reginald Gray. And yesterday, Reginald Gray surprised me with a package that housed this wonderful portrait! I'm still in shock - and so deeply flattered. Reginald, this is one of the kindest gestures anyone has ever made towards me. Thank you so, so much.


  1. I don't know whether to congratulate you or thank you for posting this!

    How about both? Absolutely stunning.

  2. oh, this is incredible. gorgeous.

  3. Wow, you are so lucky. Gray's work is incredible.

  4. +1 for Reginald Gray. What a nice gesture.

  5. That is wonderful...I'm still waiting for something to come in the mail ;)

  6. What a treat! You are one lucky girl!

  7. Kevin says:

    As always your blog injects a fragment of the civilized into my day. Great painting! But, (I just couldn't resist) no hands in evidence.

  8. JMW says:

    How beautiful and what a lovely gesture. :)

  9. It's such a compelling and romantic and timeless portrait. Beyond elegant. I love it!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Excellent portrait. Good job.

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  11. John says:

    What a great guy! And a really super portrait.