1. Anonymous says:

    How extremely kind, Hollister. Thank you.

  2. never says:

    his blog is actually more of the sort of blog that rehashes other things seen elsewhere cataloguing the endless referendum of graphic information that visual hoarders thrive on. meanwhile, your blog contains interesting personal tidbits combined with a great mix of curatorial and aesthetic flair.

  3. Love this one, the birds are really interestingly arranged!
    This could be an interesting green with envy type of collection!

  4. Karena says:

    Hollister how amazing I will visit right away!! The images are fascinating beyond!

    Art by Karena

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  5. phillH48 says:

    Thanks for the link I love old photos and historical facts. Ta
    Yours Phill from http://horseclippersreview.co.uk

  6. Hollister,

    For a person of your early 21st Century new media importance, specifically delivering and resurrecting the aesthetics of the past with this new instantaneous technology, this is enormous praise. However, I think your initial envy maybe premature.
    Especially since the photographs posted were not by the blogger, where as you and Port routinely put together compositions like this with your own objects and photographed by yourselves. This blog seems to be more reposts of great work and have a detached irony. Your work:

    a)accomplishes many different things
    b)features much more original content
    c) and has a self mocking good natured wit that is a hallmark of entertainment for the introspective and educated generation which was brought about by the post WWII prosperity.

    Devotedly always to your blog,


  7. You all are too sweet! Still, though, it's a lot of work to search this stuff out - and he's got an amazing eye. If anything it's utterly inspiring for us all!