The House is Burning

Photographer, Ralph Lauren guy and Restless Transplant, Foster Huntington wants to know what you'd grab if your house was burning. Here is what I decided I cannot live without. Given the inherent difficulty of a stop, drop and roll maneuver while holding a black bear head and top hat box, the title "things I cannot die without" seems much more appropriate. You can't take it with you, they say. Well, damnit, I will try. 

(Porter, on the other hand, will be alive and well with wonderful, sentimental keepsakes by her side.)


  1. Yoli says:

    Photographs are the only material things I would take with me after of course, all humans and animals were out of the house. Though I love my Moroccan blankets and ancient African masks, time is of the essence! LOL.

  2. HH, turret house we lived in in Scotland had a 3floor spiral staircase w/ those military prints all the way down. love 'em.

  3. ADG says:

    I'm glad to see that both of you include toy soldier-figure type things in you fire escape armful!

  4. ASL says:

    i live in japan and ever since 11 march i keep my passport close... glad to see yours nearby too!

  5. Since I actually had my house burn, I got my children and nanny out of the house and across the street and then ran back into the house, upstairs where the fire was, in pitch black smoke to grab my fianace's laptop while he got the cars out of the garage.

    Luckily the fire department got there quickly. Everything material was saved except the contents of my daughter's room and my closet filled with evening wear.
    The emotional trauma and the skin grafts that my fiance needed on the palms of his both of his hands left lasting scars.

    After that experience and others, I learned that I can walk away from everything I own. I'm not attached to my belongings....although I would miss my books.

  6. Reese says:

    Hope I never experience such an occasion (you have my sympathy, Belle de Ville), but being a native Californian I am very accustomed to earthquakes. My list of "can't live withouts" would be pretty long, but the computers and all external hard drives (several at this point) would be top priorities.

  7. David says:

    Having carried out the body of a woman who went back into her burning house for some reason, I suggest you leave all that junk behind and GET THE HELL OUT!

  8. On the advice of Cocteau, I'll take the fire.