The Duke and the Duchess

Despite William's somewhat goofy smile and pants that seem to be breaking left and right, I think someone should make little lead soldiers out of these two. I'd buy the Harry and Pipa "soldiers," too.


  1. Unknown says:

    Yes quite nice... but Jay Leno did have a point regarding William being "dressed up like Cap'n Crunch".

  2. Karena says:

    Tradition still holds up in Britain the Great!

    Hollister I would buy the little soldiers as well!

    Art by Karena

  3. Andrea says:

    I have this feeling that it is actually kind of nice to have traditions, to be able to hold to them, and value them.

    I'd hate for all the richness of traditions around the world to die out and it all be completely bland...

    So, I'm with you...I'd buy the little soldiers.

  4. Great Scotts those trousers are long!

  5. He's actually wearing overalls that are fitted more tightly to the leg, as would be naturally worn by a mounted officer in the British army. They include stirrups that go over the boot and under the heel for keeping the pants down while on horseback.

    He's also wearing, but you cannot see, a short boot vs. shoes. The spurs are the kind that are held on by either screw, tension (spike), or most likely box and spring release that are set into the back of the heel.

    Hope this helps.