Day Trippin' | Garrison and Cold Spring, NY

Jamie "The Standard Edition" Apostolou and I headed up the Hudson on Friday to get away and buy more toy boats (him) and toy soldiers (me) at the great little shops of Cold Spring, NY. We also saw some real boats and some absolutely ridiculous views, especially from the Boscobel Restoration and The Garrison Inn and Golf Course in Garrison, the next town over. No matter how many times we go, we just cannot get over the fact that all this is an hour from Manhattan. So freakin' beautiful.  (Above: an old scooner sails past the Cold Spring waterfront)

A view from inside one of the "sheds" on the Boscobel property.

A view from the front of the mansion...(it was originally located in Westchester County, but moved up to Garrison, NY after a VA hospital userped the original grounds in the 1950s).

The view from the back porch at the Garrison Inn...

...and another view from the porch without the porch showing.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Next time you come back to Garrison, PLEASE let my mister & I show you around . . . to all the secret vintage spots and hidden architectural jewels! Also, being that we adore your blog, we'd love to have you over to our historic converted barn/letterpress studio for a tour and iced tea. We're reachable here:
    So happy you loved our 'hood, but there's so much more historic spookiness to see . . . like Manitoga, and the Historical Society Museum, which you would LOVE!

  2. Woah! That would be incredible!!! I love everything you guys do!