Brushing Up

Nothing looks better than a natural bristle brush. Well, some things do, but when limiting the scope to personal hygiene and cleaning products, I think it's a fair statement. So, when I spotted Swissco tortoiseshell/badge bristle brushes for under five bucks at the amazing Merz Apothecary in the lobby of the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago on Saturday, I scooped up a load. They feel a bit odd on the teeth, but look absolutely wonderful sitting in the bathroom. AND a couple weeks back, Porter and I were lucky enough to have our hair done by a guy who's coiffed some pretty amazing dos for some pretty amazing people. He said he's never found a brush better than the natral bristle one his grandmother used to use to brush her wigs. So, hopefully the one I got from Kent will be 10% as great.


  1. Maia says:

    Badger bristle and tortoise shell...brilliant find.

  2. Oh, I recommend Kent clothes brushes, as well. Their natural bristles scrub up lint more efficiently than adhesive rolls (egads) & they look handsome, to boot. How hard are the toothbrushes on your teeth? :^)

  3. dz says:

    Kent brushes can be purchased on ebay. Direct from the factory seconds with minor cosmetic flaws are a fraction of the retail price. I use a clothes brush and I cannot tell what would make it a factory second.

  4. I've been using the Swissco btoothbrushes for several years. I'm on my third. LOVE them!

    My dentist was interested and impressed with how well they work.

    You reminded me it's time to order a few more.

  5. ABG says:

    HH - LOVE your blog! Also Love the Palmer House. Many happy memories were made there from childhood to adulthood. I know the lobby shop and have picked up some great goodies there too. Best of luck on your continued "hunting" expeditions! Can't wait to hear all about them here.