Choke and Shank | Best Easter Ever (or a Very, Very Bad Day in Prison)

Porter and I hosted a lovely, mainly Spanish crew for a feast of proseco belinis with a side of Easter brunch on Sunday. I rarely cook, so when I do and the food actually tastes great - not just edible - I almost fall on the floor.  The "great" result has happened twice in recent months - and I give all credit to the Le Cruset dutch oven Port got me for Christmas. 1) The food looks wonderful cooking inside it and 2) it really evens out that heat (or something like that). This time around the greatness came in the form of Alice Waters' braised lamb shanks. They're ridiculously easy (a semi-active 45 minutes of searing and slicing, followed by passive peeks and pokes inside the pot for the following three hours). We also made her delicious braised artichokes. Make them both and pat yourself on the back a good one. They're amazing.

Chocolate ganache eggs from Dean & Deluca for desert with coffee.


  1. katiedid says:

    MMMmmm! Looks delicious! And no thoughts of prison.

  2. Will try. Anything I can put in that Le Cruset dutch oven is a go, especially if it's from Alice Waters (the only thing I miss about the Bay Area).

  3. Anonymous says:

    w o w
    what a feast!