Barcelona Photo Evidence Pt. 2 | Hotel Praktik Rambla

As expected, Hotel Praktik Rambla was one of the prettiest places I've ever seen - let alone stayed.  It's right off the lovely, sit-at-outdoor-tables-and-sip-cafe-con-leche/not-so-chaotic part of the Rambla, the main, wildly chaotic shopping strip.

After checking in, Jamie (who will be posting similar fun España exploits on his blog, The Standard Edition), and I popped to the terrace and our jaws nearly dropped. I looked up onto this incredible balcony attached to a room with French doors and wild ceiling mouldings overlooking us.  "Can you imagine staying in that?!" I said.  Well, we decided to ask...and for about $50 more, we moved from a tiny room with a nice window overlooking an alley to that very suite (Room 209)! If you go, you must demand Room 209!

This was our floor! (And that's my new purse - which, in real life, says HHH!)

This was the handle to the slipper door that separated the main room from the gigantic bathroom...and the balcony with its French doors!

And this was that balcony!

The lobby even featured my favorite chairs.  Pretty damned amazing. (And this was only our FIRST phenomenal shelter experience...stay tuned for Hotel Omm!)


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  2. It's stunning...and the handle to the bathroom - I can't stop thinking about!!